Cancer Treatment

Las Vegas has blossomed from simply the top tourist destination in the world into a truly cosmopolitan world city. The nearly 40 million visitors the city receives annually have fueled the growth of a thriving, modern metropolis of over two million residents. Top physicians and practices the world over have come here to serve both the growing foundation of local patients plus to make their expertise accessible to a patient clientele from all over the world. Find Cancer Treatment Centers Here

Travel . Heal . Recharge

This unique combination of demand factors has given rise to a medical infrastructure that is impressive and growing stronger all the time. We can’t be everything to everyone, but there are specialties here that combine with the amenities of this world class destination to create an overall package that could be offered by no other destination in the world.  Find Cancer Treatment Centers Here

About 80 percent of the patients I see come out of state or out of the country, from places like Abu Dhabi, South America and Canada to name a few. There must be something special being offered – something that’s different – out of the ordinary that meets a very special need to attracts medical tourists.

Cheryl Smith, M.A. - Medical and Wellness Tourism Manager

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