Our Focus

Regional medical industry (Las Vegas HEALS), tourism (LVCVA), academic (UNLV), and economic development (LVGEA) partners have collaborated to develop a strategy to promote medical and wellness travel to Southern Nevada. Their efforts culminated in the release of a Medical and Wellness Travel Strategy in July 2014. Las Vegas already has a significant amount of medical and wellness travel; this strategy aims to supercharge the industry.

As a destination built to attract visitors, our health care delivery system is an important part of our regional infrastructure.  Whether a visitor experiences an accidental injury, receives a treatment at one of our world-class spas, or seeks out specialized medical care, our system of qualified medical and wellness providers, therapists, and other health and well-being specialists are here to care for them, 24-hours/365 days per year.

Tourism . Academic . Economic Development

In recent years, Southern Nevada service providers have recognized the built-in market for medical and wellness treatments and tailored their services accordingly.  Our destination allows health care providers to treat patients from all over the world. Our destination also allows wellness providers to see millions of clients each year, and some of the most advanced luxury and medical spas in the world are right here in Las Vegas.  Nevada is gaining national and international recognition for its cancer treatment, brain health, fertility, obesity management, age management, orthopedic, and medical imaging services. Each of those specialties are driven, in part, by medical travel.

Going forward, the State of Nevada will partner with our university system to make Southern Nevada the knowledge center for intellectual property around medical and wellness travel. We will also partner with our local tourism agency to maximize the impact of medical meetings and continuing medical education conferences on our region. Finally, we will investigate ways in which we can align the medical travel and wellness travel industries so that we can maximize our penetration into both of those markets. Medical and Wellness Travel is an important growth market for the region, and we intend to pursue it. Learn more about our focus.

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